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The Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards

2010 awards recipients Bruce Springsteen, Andrea Jung and Dikembe Mutombo.
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. instituted the Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards in April 2001 as part of the grand opening of the American Family Immigration History Center®. The awards celebrate Ellis Island as the Golden Door to America for the 17 million immigrants who first set foot on American soil there. Forty percent of Americans today can trace their roots to an ancestor who was among those brave and determined individuals.

Each year a select number of Ellis Island immigrants or their descendants are chosen to be honored. By presenting a copy of the original ship's passenger manifest documenting their, or their ancestors', arrival at Ellis Island, we reflect on their journey, their courage and determination, and honor the unique contribution they have made to this "Nation of Immigrants."

In 2004, the Peopling of America Award was instituted. This award celebrates the life and work of an individual who immigrated to America at another time and/or through a different port of entry than Ellis Island. It serves to remind us that America has continued to be the destination for those seeking freedom, hope and opportunity.

Honorees are selected through a process that is guided by an Awards Committee of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

NOTE: Because Ellis Island was closed due to the damage from Hurricane Sandy, the 2013 Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards were not held.

2012 Family Heritage Awards

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