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Genealogy Learning Center - Charts & Forms

As you begin collecting information about your family heritage, you will quickly realize the importance of keeping good notes. There are a variety of systems you can use, but the following charts and forms are commonly used and will be easily recognized by others.

Pedigree Chart
One of the most basic and useful charts, this four-generation family tree helps record details for direct-line ancestors. By using multiple charts, you can record detailed information for an unlimited number of generations and quickly reference them by relationship and number. Each chart holds information for up to 15 individuals and captures name, birth date and place, marriage date and place, and death date and place.

Family Group Sheet
A Family Group Sheet is another commonly used form and serves as a single source of genealogical information for an individual family. With the father and mother serving as the focal point for this sheet, the names of their parents and children are also quickly visible. Birth order and birth dates for children make this a useful document when conducting research for a specific family line.

Passenger Arrival Log
As you search for the passenger arrival records of your ancestors, you'll begin to uncover details that may or may not help your research at some later point. This form allows you to record most key fields that were used on passenger manifests - items like passenger name, gender, age, country of origin, name of ship and date of arrival, as well as date and port of departure and other information.

Be sure to check this section from time to time since we will add other forms in the months ahead.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader   Genealogy charts require Adobe Reader® software which can be downloaded free
   from the Adobe Web site.  If you already have Acrobat, you're ready to begin!

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