Ken Burns'
"Honor Your Hometown"

“We have a special day or week for just about everything, from Taco Day and Handbag Day to Name Your Car Day, but we do very little to honor our cities and towns. We decided to do something about it.” Ken Burns & Marty Stuart – Opinion contributors – USA Today

The Foundation was invited to participate in “Honor Your Hometown,” an initiative by documentary producer Ken Burns featuring short videos from an extraordinary group of entertainers; representatives of the nation’s most iconic historic sites and museums; noted civic leaders; and many more.

Our submission celebrates Americans’ unyielding support for Lady Liberty. Beginning in the 1880s when publisher Joseph Pulitzer inspired individuals from throughout the country to help fund construction of the Statue’s pedestal.

One hundred years later the people were there for her once more. When the Foundation was established to raise funds for an manage the monument’s historic centennial restoration, it was determined that we would not accept government money. From schoolhouse penny drives to major corporate donations, together we met this challenge.

Most recently people from across the U.S. and around the world enthusiastically joined us to support creation of the Statue of Liberty Museum.

This long history of public support speaks volumes about the Statue’s importance and influence. On behalf of the beloved Lady Liberty, we thank you!