19th Annual Edition

Our 2021 Collectibles!

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copper, collectables, product, Christmas

The Foundation is excited to unveil our 2021 Collectibles! With five options, including our first-ever four-piece mini-sets, there is something for everyone.  

The Lady Liberty collection celebrates the Statue’s iconic symbols; her crown, with its seven rays and windows inviting visitors to see the world through the Statue’s eyes; the tablet, which commemorates our nation’s Declaration of Independence; her torch, the beacon welcoming people to America’s shores; and the broken shackles that represented emancipation.  

The Ellis Island collection showcases the building’s beloved Renaissance Revivalist architecture. The Great Hall is featured in two pieces, including a panoramic view of the historic space that processed more than 12 million immigrants, and the room’s expansive arched windows. Another piece depicts one of the structure’s four famous towers, with the fourth in the collection featuring the building’s façade.   

Each ornament in the two four-piece collections is made with copper recovered from the Statue’s centennial restoration. A four-piece set is available for $37.99 or select both for $70.  

This year’s collection also dedicates a 3D ornament to each monument. Made in America from solid brass and 24-karat gold, these exclusive pieces have the year 2021 etched into the design so you will always remember when you acquired these treasured keepsakes. Each 3D ornament is available for $33.99, or purchase both for $60. 

Finally, the 2021 offer includes a Classic Lady Liberty Collectible. This timeless classic is constructed of brass and handmade in the U.S. and available for $19.99. 

For additional details about our 2021 Collectibles (our 18th annual offering), please visit the Foundation’s online shop. In the Shop you can explore selections from previous years to complete your collections.